About Me

I am very passionate about natural health and health supplements.
I first became interested in the natural health area when one of my children became very sick. The short story is that in the end the only thing that helped was Homeopathic Medicine.
I went on to study Homeopathy and gain a diploma in that area. Although I haven’t gone on to practice Homeopathy I still utilise it within my family and friends with success. And it is used in my workplace to a lesser degree.

I work in the area of natural health and I am lucky to have continual training in that area. I am always learning new and valuable information about supplements and how they can help people. I will be posting up what I know and consider the best things to take for different issues… of course everyone is different so I will usually post up a few different supplements to cover certain areas.

Enjoy my blog, and I welcome any questions or critique.

Disclaimer: Please do not take any of the information I provide over the advice of your GP or health professional. The information I provide is intended as a guide only. Supplements should never replace good old fashioned veges, fruit and home cooked meals.


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