Fish oil or Krill oil… Is one better than the other?

This can be confusing with so many omega 3 products on the market right now.


For some people its about ethics, sustainability and the impact this product has on the food chain since Krill is the primary food source for whales and other marine life. This company recently made it into the media with regards to sustainability and impact.

Here I narrow it down to 3 main points.*

  • Priceexpensive
  • Omega contentminimal
  • Benefitscontains the antioxidant (Astaxanthin). Contains phospholipids (Fats that are quickly and easily absorbed into our cells)

The price versus the amount of omegas and antioxidants is not proportional.

Phospholipids work in the following way: The omegas contained in krill oil are bound to phospholipids, this allows your body to absorb the omegas directly into the cell membranes without having to break it down first.

Astaxanthin helps reduce cellular damage from free radicals. You can buy this product on its own in a higher strength.

Astaxanthin has many benefits : (pronounced “asta-zanthin”), It is a powerful antioxidant that comes from the red colouring of the krill. They are this colour due their diet – the foods they eat contain the astaxanthin.

  • To sum it up you get a minimal amount of omega 3 that is well absorbed and the added bonus of a minimal amount of astaxanthin. You pay a lot of money for this!

*Because ethics is a personal preference I haven’t included it – I am in the ethics group. I don’t care about the possible benefits of krill oil but I do care about the planet and the animals on it. Marketing/labelling is a clever way of making consumers believe they are buying a sustainable product because it may be in the label name. Be wary and do research if you are not sure about the background of how a company operates with regards to ethics and sustainability.


  • Price – depends on the quality and brand
  • Omega content – variable, can be quite high
  • Benefits bigger range, higher doses

There are some super cheap fish oils out there! Be warned that cheaper is definitely not better. Sorry but there is no such thing as a good cheap fish oil.

Omega 3 content in some fish oils can be deceiving or misleading, just because a label may say “Fish Oil 1000mg” – this doesn’t mean the whole thing is 1000mg of omega 3 in each capsule. What it does mean is there is 1000mg of fish oil in the capsule and contained within that amount is the omega 3 content. Usually you will find out the omega 3 content on the back of the packaging and it will look something like this: where it shows EPA and DHA content.

The benefits of fish oil are numerous. Because there are so many different companies/competition on the market there is freedom to choose a company based on its values, sustainability, manufacturing methods and price.

The information on how a company processes and sources the fish should be easy to find. Fish that is processed as soon as possible is going to be the best in terms of omega 3 integrity. Methods vary, but there are processes that help the omega 3 stay viable and intact/undamaged.

I prefer this company over many others because they have a great range to suit everyone, they use third party testing to verify the purity and quality of the product. They are backed by clinical studies. All the information is super easy to find!

Liquid or caps? This is personal preference… I like the liquids because they contain a higher dose than a capsule, there is no capsule for my body to break down and this results in faster absorption. The brand I use doesn’t taste fishy or disgusting because their processing methods ensure the fish oil is super fresh – this eliminates the fishy odour. But for others capsules might just be that much easier or they maybe don’t like the oily texture of a liquid. Either way is fine really.

Omega 3 benefits:

They are essential fatty acids – we cant make them so we need to add them to our diet. They are essential to our health and well-being.

  • Joint health
  • Brain health
  • Skin, hair, nails
  • Immunity
  • Heart health
  • Cholesterol
  • Attention, focus, memory (comes under brain)
  • Pregnancy – foetus development: brain, eyes, immune system, nervous system
  • Inflammation
  • +many more!



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