Amazing Arnica!


Arnica Montana – The Mountain Daisy

Also known as: Leopard’s bane, Mountain tobacco and sneezewort.

This little daisy has many amazing qualities and  so many different uses!

It comes in pillules, liquids and creams (for external use).

The whole fresh plant in flower is used to make the tincture.

Key points:

  • Bruises
  • Shock and emotional shock (particularly when the person says : “I’m okay” – when you know they are not), person could be in a stupor or daze.
  • Fear of being touched
  • Body may be cold but the head is hot
  • Sprains, strains and twists
  • Can work in cases where a person says they have never been well since an accident or trauma.
  • There may be a feeling as if they have been beaten but with no physical evidence
  • A feeling of bruising, tender/painful areas – painful to touch.
  • Over exertion via exercise
  • After surgery/childbirth
  • Before surgery – this should be discussed with surgeons pre-op.

Arnica cream is great for applying to bruises or areas of skin that feel tender.

The homeopathic liquid can be taken internally for surgery recovery, or sprains and strains.

There are two really nice products that are great for tired overworked or achy muscles and back pain: Arnica Muscle Soak and Arnica Massage Oil.

For potentised remedies in pillule or liquid form you can find them at the Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy OR  Weleda Homeopathic Pharmacy.

This remedy is a must have for the first aid kit!!

Image 1 17/09/2015

Image 2 17/09/2015



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