Cold sores!!! What supplements can help?

Cold sores are uncomfortable, unattractive and painful. Cold sores are caused by a virus – Herpes Simplex. They are not a serious disease, but in rare cases complications can occur.

Great news! There are supplements you can take to lessen the time the cold sore lasts. Supplements may also prevent cold sores from reoccurring.

What supplements can I take for cold sores?

For treatment and prevention I like to take Nutralife Cold Sore Formula. It has 3 cold sore fighting ingredients to help clear up the outbreak quickly.cold sore support

Another good product is the Go Healthy Go Cold-Sor Support which contains a blend of 5 ingredients known to boost immunity and combat cold sore recurrence.

Remember we are all different, sometimes you have to shop around to find a product that works for you. Sometimes these things can take time to work because you are building up the defences of your body to withstand attacks from this virus.

L-lysine – you cant go wrong with this amino acid:

  • Inhibits the virus and stops recurrences
  • Necessary for skin health – can help heal the affected area

Food sources: Protein rich foods

Olive leaf:


  •  Antiviral – the herpes virus is sensitive to the active ingredients in garlic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Immune boosting properties
  • More information about garlic


  • Important for skin repair
  • Immune boosting properties (T-cells)
  • Reduces the recurrence of cold sores

Food sources: Oysters, pumpkin seeds, other shellfish, red meats. (Also – whole grains, legumes, but not as well utilized/absorbed by the body in these forms.)

Vitamin C:

  • Boost immune defence
  • Wound healing properties
  • Involved in collagen synthesis

Food sources: Capsicum, broccoli, potatoes, brussel sprouts, citrus fruits


  • Boosts the immune system
  • Antiviral
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-fungal


They usually start with that annoying tingle and you think “Great, now I’m going to be stuck with one of these ugly little suckers for a week or so!

The symptoms of the virus are the cold sore, and any pain or tingle that comes with the sore.


  • Stress – lowers immunity
  • Illness – also lowers immunity
  • Basically as soon as those immune defences are down the virus can become active.


Foods to avoid: foods that are high in L-arginine – Chocolate (What!? Chocolate!? – enjoy some chocolate, just dont go overboard), peanuts, almonds, other nuts. This amino lowers our L-lysine allowing more outbreaks to happen. Work out your trigger, everyone is different.



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